We are a rowing club involved in recreational and competitive rowing and are a member of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association  which has grown rapidly since 2009 with many clubs around Scotland and across the World.

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Our rowing is done in the St Ayles Skiff which is a seaworthy,  clinker built, fixed seat rowing boat, for four rowers and a cox. We have three of these which were built, and are maintained, by members of the club.

Enjoy social rows along the coast in the summer

We offer local on-water activities to suit a variety of preferences, ranging from race training to pleasure and social rowing.

Members also enjoy opportunities to participate in regattas and other events throughout Scotland and occasionally further afield.

Meet other clubs at regattas

We construct and maintain our own boats and equipment; membership will afford you access to skilled amateurs who can teach you rewarding boat building and maintenance skills.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of competence and safety in coastal rowing; members are encouraged to develop valuable skills in boat handling and seamanship and continue the rich nautical heritage of North Berwick.

The thrill of racing!!