Build Progress Wk12

General:  Things moving along at a nice pace again on both boats with oar manufacture now commenced.  The air temperature is steadying rising which should allow the painting to commence once NB001 inner rail and frame tops have been installed.  Details:  NB001 top inner rail is progressing well as its 2/3 installed.  NB002 is having …

Build Progress Wk11

Although no shifts have been runnning this week we have had the considerable assistance of two local craftsmen.  Graham McNicol has been working on NB001, progressing the inside top rail.  Stewart Auld has been assisting with shapping the Douglas Fir for the first set of oars.

Build Progress Wk9

Job Number NB001: The new batch of larch has been dressed thus allowing fitting of the rails and seats. This work should begin during Wk10. Job Number NB002:  Aprons have been installed to Hog.  The hog, aprons and frames bevelled for the garboard plank(s) installation.  Both Garboard planks have been installed [flickr photo=14118781087 size=medium]