Well done to everyone who rowed, coxed or supported at Portsoy. Particular congratulations to the winners of the Over 40’s Mixed Crew, who are probably all feeling thier age today. What a fantastic weekend! [flickr photo=14327285515 size=medium]   

Build Progress

NB01 (St Baldred):  All installation complete for this stage with Brass Keelband installed along with rubbing trims. Modification to the floorboards is still on-going but this work will be conducted at the harbour and will not put the boat out of service this week.    NB02  The clean-up of the inside of hull is now …

Port Seton

Well done to all of those who rowed at Port Seton on Saturday. Once again our fabulous ladies crew showed the rest of us how it should be done.  However no one was left behind by too much, and we are all learning fast. {youtube}8WZeefMtwTM{/youtube} [flickr photo=14137432579 size=medium]