Port Seton 2013

Last weekend saw the regatta circus move from one of the most distant venues to one of the closest, namely Port Seton. As a result of the Edinburgh marathon on the Sunday, the regatta was held on the Friday and Saturday and it was a skeleton North Berwick crew which took part in the first day’s racing. The regatta organisers were hoping to try out a new race system with initial heats taking place outside the harbour but the sight of waves crashing over the harbour wall put paid to this notion and in the end, the heats and finals of the Friday races (the men’s and women’s opens) were held entirely within the harbour. Both North Berwick teams performed admirably with the ladies losing narrowly to Anstruther in the final and the men losing by a similar margin in the battle for third place. As the boats were put away for the day and the delicious smell of cooking burgers began to drift across the harbour, the sun broke through the clouds auguring well for the next day’s racing.

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Coigach 2013

The opening regatta of the 2013 season saw a strong North Berwick team heading north to Coigach. The NB advanced guard (Issy) managed to secure our usual camping location and before long a bustling NB community had sprung up, much to the surprise of some fishermen who came back to find their tent surrounded. The final stragglers arrived shortly after midnight to find that several of their colleagues had at great personal sacrifice remained in the pub to welcome them. [flickr photo=8768825336 size=medium]