Nith Navigation 2013

Not too early a start, to probably the furthest we have travelled for a day event. Both skiffs, and Speedwell riding piggy back, made the journey down to Dumfries and beyond, which went by quickly with plenty of chat. The day was sunny and raining but not much wind. We arrived at Glencapple to re fuel our energy levels at the lovely wee cafe whilst having our briefing, and were given directions and maps whilst enjoying the views over the estuary of the Nith.

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2013 photos

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Tweed Row 2013

Saturday 21st September saw North Berwick Rowing Club adventure south across the border for a “social row” up The Tweed. With only an hour’s drive to reach the start line we were relaxed and jovial on departure.

The sun shone and the warm sandy beach glowed as each of the 12 clubs slid their boats into the calm water of the river. Everyone expected an easy and maybe slightly boring row.

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