Blackadder Build

Our third skiff, Blackadder, is coming along nicely. Willy and Issy are working hard on getting her ready for painting, everything is being sanded and smoothed to meet the gaffer Norman’s high standards. Meanwhile Hugh and Jacque are repairing oars that some eejit keeps breaking. [flickr photo=10979479945 size=medium] [flickr photo=10979740583 size=medium] [flickr photo=10979693413 size=medium] {flike …

Christmas Curry

Well done Libby for hosting the NBRC Christmas Curry night again. Who made that gorgeous beef curry, I must get the recipe? 🙂 Respect Robbie, back out on the party scene barely 12 hours after his office party finished. [flickr photo=11399425844 size=medium] {flike id=227}

Ocean Rowing

Great to hear Leven Brown talking about Ocean Rowing for the Friends of North Berwick Museum. Leven has made a career out of breaking records in ocean rowing and talked about his expeditions and plans for 2014 and beyond. Our own Jamie Douglas Hamilton will be joining him next year to be the first crew …

Loch Venachar Freshwater Sprints 2013

Just when you think that the regatta season is over and you can take a brief respite from the gruelling training regime to which you have subjected yourself, another one appears on the calendar (and indeed in Callander). So it was that the Scottish Coastal Rowing community loaded their boats on the trailers once more time and headed for the shores of Loch Venachar for the SCRA freshwater sprints.

[flickr photo=10531183113 size=medium]

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