Social Rowing

NBRC has weekly social rowing opportunities to go out and explore the local rocks and wildlife…..nice weather last week as summer mad a brief appearance in North Berwick [flickr photo=17061426277 size=medium] [flickr photo=16646386844 size=small hspace=40] [flickr photo=16588641604 size=small hspace=40]   {flike id=271}

April evening row

This crew is heading to Cork for the Ocean to City race end of May…..getting some training in the evenings when we can…thanks to Steve’s fisheye lens our cox Frazer looks normal size….he’s actually Tom Thumb Tiny [flickr photo=16554620173 size=medium]    {flike id=268}

Spring is here

After a long and windy start to the year NBRC is back on the water at all daylight hours, this is a sunrise row and yes the sun rises at 6:30am, what better way to start your day before pressing your nose back on to the grindstone.  [flickr photo=16908504788 size=medium]    {flike id=266}